It's not all about the almonds on the table - almond blossom anyone?

Our season of almond blossom is almost at an end. As the captivating white, pink and blue blanket of blossom fades away across the island, the spring shoots of green are already appearing.

And with almond harvest at the end of the Summer thoughts will soon be turning to this year's production of one of the island's major crops:  almond ice cream, almond milk, almond oil, almond granola... the possibilities for a Chef in Mallorca are endless!

But before then, I want to capture the delicate beauty of the blossom itself and preserve it for as long as I can. I've already experimented with orange blossom water,  lemon blossom water and rose blossom water - maybe almond blossom water should be next?  

Or this Almond Blossom Liqueur by Green Prophet looks good too...