I have been lucky enough to eat in several Michelin star restaurants around the world and I exaggerate not when I say this was by far some of the best food I have ever tasted... 

Jason - UK


I urge anyone looking to sample some of the best cooking on the island, keen to journey through taste and presentation or celebrate their own special occasion - Piers and Holly are a must.

Sara, Sweden


I never expected to experience the best meal of my life in the garden of a holiday villa in Majorca. But I would now walk barefoot over hot coals for another mouthful of Piers Dawson's Sea bream with iced, pickled and puréed cauliflower... There is nothing like Piers' food back here in London and I will take the memory of that meal to my grave. Thank you.

Ian, London


There is no better testament than my mother's review of Piers' extraordinary meal for her 70th birthday celebrations: '"It was the finest meal I've had in my life"

Abigail Stanger, UK


The food was exquisite and Piers and Holly are charming - producing Michelin Star quality food in the comfort of our own villa. The service was simply exceptional and I would certainly use their services again. It was a truly memorable evening.

Fiona Adams, UK


The food was amazing with a personal touch, local ingredients, and flavors that made nine quite picky Swedes start humming and nodding for every new course. 

Robert Largerqvist, Sweden


I couldn't recommend it enough, these guys deserve all the recognition. When passion and expertise meet, one can just applaud and admire!

Sandra Ferraro, Dubai


Piers and Holly produced a fantastic dinner to mark my birthday in Cala Egos. The finest meal I have ever eaten, down to the tiniest detail. Thank you Piers and Holly for making my birthday so memorable.

Wendy Bennett, UK


French people can be really picky with food - but our meal with Piers' was perfect from start to finish. Piers and Holly should take that as a real compliment! We will definitely recommend this fantastic experience to our friends.

Ludovic, France