Pushing Boundaries

That probably best sums up our year at Piers Dawson Private Chef! Not to expand and get bigger, but to develop and create something truly unique for every client, every time. Endlessly exciting, always challenging and a non stop adventure - from our kitchens in Soller to the incredible clients we have cooked for in Mallorca and all over the world.

We were fortunate to have so many clients this year who were eager to be surprised, brave enough to trust in what we do, and to allow passion and creativity to lead the way.

We would like to thank everyone who we have cooked for: the intimate weddings, bespoke tasting menus, celebratory dinners, and all those attending our Charlie's Kitchen events - because we couldn’t have done it without you. 

We also want to thank some of the fantastic suppliers with whom we are fortunate to work with. In particular:

Our local Sóller butcher: http://www.canmatarino.com/

La Luna, for our local Mallorcan sobrasada and cured meats: http://www.la-luna.es/

Our local Sóller fishmonger:  http://www.peixmayol.com/

Pere and all the team at Mallorca Dream Homes: https://www.mallorca-dreamhomes.com/

Shirley and all the team at Soller Web: http://www.sollerweb.com/.

Two of our favourite wine makers: http://binigrau.es/ and  Bodega Miquel Gelabert http://vinsmiquelgelabert.com/

And for all our other wine.... a big thank you to Juan: http://sues.es

Exclusive Events: www.exclusive4events.com

Can Det Olive Oil from Sóller and  Maria and Chris for letting us make our own Ca’Sandra olive oil and serve it throughout the year!