Simply Put.... OUTSTANDING

I have been lucky enough to eat in several Michelin star restaurants around the world and i  exaggerate not when i say this was by far some of the best food I have tasted.

Our tailor made menu (which had to cater for a vegetarian and a lactose free diner in addition to rest of the party) was diverse, sumptuous and plentiful. Using local sourced ingredients (the benefit of living on a beautiful isle) our taste journey started and ended in sheer delight.

Its also key to mention Holly provided an equally joyous journey with her wine pairings, also local which helped compliment the beautiful dishes.

Our occasion was one of a lifetime but I urge anyone looking to sample some of the best cooking on the island, keen to journey through taste and presentation or celebrate their own special occasion - Piers and Holly are a must. Thank you both for a truly unforgettable experience.

Jason and Ian, Manchester - May 2016.